Thanks to the extensive revitalisation work in the area, the Tortona district is at the cutting edge of transformation and the contemporary.
It contains a fascinating mix of ex-industrial spaces, workshops, and manufacturing.
The area has been the beneficiary of both a careful design vision as well as spontaneous phenomenon which have succeeded in attracting creative energy and innovation. Fashion was the first industry to colonise the area with its showrooms and fashion shows. This was followed by the design sector and Fuorisalone which has turned the world spotlight on the area and the city of Milan. This invasion of modernity and subsequent international awakening has led to the revitalisation of the very bones of the neighbourhood.
The basics for using the area in a new way have been established: a truly diverse creative laboratory has been created where different disciplines can cross pollinate, becoming a real driver for Milan business and culture.
Milano Space Makers is poised at the forefront of this cross over to the cutting edge of business, marketing, creativity, and communications. We contribute to the area's development in an ongoing way, tapping into its energy, interpreting it, and pulling in new stakeholders.
In fact, ongoing post industrial redevelopment is what makes Zona Tortona so unique in Milan.



Identifying potential exhibition locations and interpreting unusual spaces as possible backdrops for events, temporary shops, and showrooms requires local knowledge, imagination, and skill. These qualities have enabled us to create a mosaic of spaces that extends past Porta Genova.
Located throughout Via Tortona, Via Savona, Via Forcella, and Via Bergognone our locations have been selected both because they lend themselves to the widest possible range of exhibition needs as well as for their distinct character. These converted post-industrial spaces retain vestiges of their past, both in name and structure.
A successful event can take place in a former workshop, a showroom can come to life in what was previously a storage space, an open space gallery can be made out of a warehouse, and still active workshops can close for select times of the year to host exhibitions.
Being part of the neighbourhood means we can guide our client to select the most suitable space. We act as a linchpin for events and initiatives, the perfect partner for a wide range of business and communication projects.

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Milano Space Makers offers a range of design and creative concept development services thanks to its partnership with Connexpo Project, an international, interdisciplinary creative hub.
Connexpo Project is made up of young (under 35) designers, who collaborate with senior professionals in the fields of design and architecture to decode and interpret various design and communication projects.
We collaborate with the Connexpo team of engineers, architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and web designers to create visitor experiences and design events for brands, cultural institutions, regional marketing and community environment projects. We create a narrative through text, graphics, lights, sound, and site specific installations based on the briefs we receive from our clients.
Connexpo is engaged in a wide range of professional collaborations and has worked on Expo pavilions for Lebanon, Serbia, Somalia, Djibouti, and Belarus.

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Zona Tortona is the most important Fuorisalone venue during Milan Design Week, attracting the spotlight and attention of the whole world.
Here, design has found its maximum expression and innovative visibility, contributing in a radical way to the transformation of an area which, over a ten-year period, has become an international standard setter for business, the place where the very best examples of creativity are exhibited and appreciated.
Fuori Salone involves the entire Zona Tortona and includes 30,000 m2 of exhibition space. More than 200 companies participate each year and the event attracts on average 130,000 visitors from around the world.
Each year Fuori Salone proposes new and engaging initiatives in Via Tortona, including furniture design, interactive installations, performance artists, young talent promotion, and internationally recognised industrial design brands.
Milano Space Makers contributes to the success of your event and presence thorough a regional marketing campaign. We scout fascinating post-industrial and flexible spaces to accommodate the widest possible range of design and expressive requirements, acting as a promoter, connector, and communications facilitator.