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FUORISALONE - 04/16 - EdilKamin

— From 12 aprile 2016 to 17 aprile 2016
— Company: Edilkamin

EDILKAMIN. A story around the fireplace. Now in the kitchen as well.   2016 is a big year for Edilkamin, the company has decided to 'tell a story' about its new brand, KITCHEN KAMIN, launched a few weeks ago. With this strong background, the company has now decided to broaden its product range, introducing a range of economical wood-burning cookers. These new products evoke the atmosphere of the past but with contemporary technical features and manufacturing quality.  The design of these products is not just a repetition of old stylistic features but a studied contemporary reinterpretation. The decision to dedicate ourselves to this type of product was the result of an in-depth analysis of consumer needs and wishes.    Alongside its new kitchens, Edilkamin will also display new products connected with the world of stoves, boiler stoves, furnaces and boilers. This significant broadening of the company's product range demonstrates its strength and entrepreneurship.Design ethics and manufacturing philosophy ensure products that are safe to use and beautiful to look at, products in which each tiny detail has been carefully studied, tested, checked and certified.  The company also places a great deal of importance on environmental sustainability, placing it at the centre of its business. Edilkamin stoves, fireplaces, boilers, boiler stoves and furnaces are designed to ensure the cleanest possible combustion with low emissions, as well as ensuring excellent heat output. 


Opificio 31-Interspazio

Via Tortona 31