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In Zona Tortona, in the historic district known all over the world as the beating heart of the Milan Design Week, we have big venues available from 500 to 1200 m2, perfect backdrops for spectacular and impressive installations. Get in touch with us for details.  

Big venues-Design WeekMQ: 1200∇ via Tortona

MEGAWATT COURT is a newly opened location, set in an industrial complex with sombre and fascinating 70s architecture. The ideal place for hosting big events, not only due to the size of the spaces but also for its particularly convenient position. Available from July 2016, the complex, which has never been used before, consists of a hangar of over 4000 ...

MegaWatt CourtMQ: 9000∇ via Watt 15

Exhibition village with a post-industrial feel Strategically located in the Zona Tortona, Opificio 31 is a vast area once thriving with crafts and manufacturing (some still active).
The former industrial complex is organised around a large courtyard facing the ex Ansaldo building, now the recently opened Museo delle Culture designed by David Chipperfield and BASE.
It is just a few ...

Opificio 31MQ: 2900∇ via Tortona 31

The venue Ex-Carrozzeria is located in an extremely exposed position, right at the entrance of the Opificio 31 complex, facing the Mudec museum.
The venue is an industrial building that has housed a car bodyshop up to recent times. It has been converted at the end of 2018.
Post industrial charm, very high ceiling, wide span completely available, without pillars ...

Ex CarrozzeriaMQ: 1000∇ Via Tortona 31

The 600 m2 Officine Savona complex is a versatile location that accommodates a wide range of exhibition needs. Located on the most exclusive section of Via Savona, near the Zegna, Fay, and Hogan showrooms. Space includes a 200 m2 bright and exposed showroom and a 180 m2 workshop, dark and secluded, for dramatic and theatrical installations. The ...

Officine SavonaMQ: 600∇ Via Savona 35

Recently restored and light filled, with neutral and white finishings, exclusive two-level showroom. 300 m2 interior, 250 m2 loft, and 45 m2 exterior space. Perfect for presentations and events. Located in the Opificio 31 courtyard, at Via Tortona.

Paid parking facilities very close.

Showroom31MQ: 550∇ Via Tortona 31

This 450 m2 garage is a fascinating industrial space with a 60 m2 storage building. Located on the most highly trafficked portion of Via Tortona, facing a traditional Milan courtyard house. 
Suitable for large events and exhibitions.  

AutorimessaMQ: 450∇ Via Tortona 20

Spazio Ponti. This venue is located in an extremely visible point of the courtyard, at the end of one of the busiest inner walkways in the courtyard, It has a big façade, visibile from the distance, that can be customised with eyecatching graphics and signs. This space is a former garage which is currently being completely refurbished. End of ...

PontiMQ: 450∇ Via Tortona 31

Ex industrial space converted from an old body shop.
It includes a small office, a small storage space and an external area of 60 sqm. The space is very bright thanks to the windows placed on ceiling that allow natural and diffused light.
A privete driveway, directly from via Tortona, allows the access to the location, with the possibility of ...

CarrozzeriaMQ: 400∇ Via Tortona 32

Impressive 380 m2 industrial location that makes a big impact, placed at Via Tortona 31. This former photostudio is made by two connected spaces, one 220 m2 with a beautiful cyclo and the other 50 m2. Location also includes a loft-mezzanine, small kitchen, storage area, and ground floor bathroom. There is a small, lovely 32 m2 ...

Quattrocento MQ: 380∇ Via Tortona 31

Officine Cova 1-2-3MQ: 320∇ Via Tortona 31

Sophisticated apartment on two storeys, with wooden floor, decorated ceilings, fireplace, very warm and cosy, light filled. Entrance is on the street level, facing the Ansaldo building, with a nice 50 sqm showroom with plenty of store frontage, while the 300 sq.m apartment is on the first floor. Two beautiful terraces are also part of the space. Ideal as ...

LoftMQ: 300∇ Via Tortona 31

Located in the heart of the Opificio 31 courtyard at Via Tortona, this large 275 m2 open space is very light filled thanks to its big rectangular windows. It includes an approx. 30 m2 covered exterior space. Very versatile and adaptable to a wide range of exhibition needs. Ideal for events and communciation projects. Only available during Fuorisalone-Milan ...

TextileMQ: 275∇ Via Tortona 31

A 185 sq.m placed in the most stylish part of via Savona, in front of Zegna, Hogan and Fay showroom. The location is divided in three different environments: a wide gallery lighted by windows overlooking an internal garden, a room facing the street and a separated space closed by glass partitions. The white finishes and floor create a total ...

ProductionMQ: 210∇ via Savona 53

FORNI, 220 sqm, is a post-industrial building raw and charming, recently disudes and available for the first time ever for the Design Week 2019. The groundfloor of the venue is perfectly fit for presentations and fully usable; the access is through two industrial sliding doors overlooking the main "piazza" of the Opificio compound.

ForniMQ: 220∇ Via Tortona 31

Officina3MQ: 200∇ Via Tortona 31

Large 180 m2 space with an industrial feel on the most glamorous section of Via Savona, near the Zegna, Fay, and Hogan showrooms. The workshop (still in active) is in a post-industrial building from the early 1900s. It shares a 200 m2 private courtyard with and can be connected to OFFICINA SAVONA 1. Only available during Fuorisalone-Milan Design ...

Officina Savona 2MQ: 180∇ Via Savona 35

In the high-end of via Savona, a beautiful open space of 160 m2, with a peculiar atmosphere merging post-industrial features with mediterranean warmth. A big central hall well-lighted by wide windows overlooking both via Savona and a delightful little terrace on the internal side.
Green Stage is located at the first floor of a small historical building from early ...

Green StageMQ: 160∇ Via Savona 33

Building renovation

An active workshop located at the entrance to the Opificio 31 courtyard, at Via Tortona. 160 m2, high ceilings, and a regular floor plan, the perfect backdrop for any events.

Paid parking facilities very close.

Officina 31 MQ: 160∇ Via Tortona 31

A lightly and regular open space of 160 sqm and 80 sqm of basement, situated in the heart of the Opificio 31.
It has two indipendent accesses from the courtyard. Paid parking facilities very close.

Studio 31MQ: 160∇ via Tortona 31

Light filled space, recently renovated, located right at the entrance of Opificio 31 at Via Tortona, next door to the main gate, the first floor of an industrial building. This 145 m2 venue guarantees a high visibility thanks to its double exposure on the courtyard and on via Tortona; it is an ideal showroom, thanks to its functional distribution ...

Appartamento 31MQ: 145∇ Via Tortona 31

140 m2 two-level showroom on the most sophisticated section of Via Savona, facing the Zegna, Fay, and Hogan showrooms. Very light filled and recently renovated. Ground floor reception area and two large storefront windows facing the street. 90 m2 exhibition gallery on the first floor. 

Spazio FMQ: 140∇ Via Savona 35

A 100 m2 openspace recently renovated, developed on two levels. Located in the most lively and interesting part of via Savona, near the prestigious Zegna, Fay and Hogan headquarters, this space features a 20 m2  room at the street level and a wide 70 m2 lounge/gallery, totally white and ready-to-use  at the first floor of a ...

SavonaupMQ: 100∇ via Savona 35

Approximately 100 sqm industrial location, overlooking the Opificio 31 courtyard.
Very light filled with high ceilings and 56 sqm exterior space.

Paid parking facilities very close.

Officina1MQ: 96∇ via Tortona 31

Large showroom in a post-industrial building from the early 1900s that accommodates a wide range of exhibition needs. 100 m2 space that has been renovated and outfitted with two large storefront windows facing the most glamorous section of Via Savona, near the Zegna, Fay, and Hogan showrooms. Shares a 200 m2 private courtyard with and can be connected ...

Officina Savona1MQ: 100∇ Via Savona 35

85 m2 fascinating post-industrial ex-shop location. Double entrance allows for an internal exhibition circuit. One entrance is through the Via Tortona 20 courtyard. The other is a driveable pass through to Civico 18 (perfect for loading and unloading). Completely white space with skylight for natural light.

Beside MQ: 85∇ Via Tortona 20

The cottage structure of this building gives it plenty of personality. 70 m2 loft in the middle of the Opificio 31 courtyard, at Via Tortona. Connected to a private courtyard that can be used as an extension of the exhibition space. Ideal to guess events and exhibitions.

Paid parking facilities very close.

LoftinoMQ: 70∇ Via Tortona 31

Fully equipped howroom of approximately 60 m2, cozy and filled with natural light, located in a quiet position inside the Opificio 31 complex. The venue is formed by two adjoining rooms, one of which .features wide windows overlooking a nice, tiny patio (10 m2)

Sgamo showroomMQ: 60∇ Via Tortona 31

Charming and bright 55 sqm open space located at the center of the courtyard Opificio 31, with highly visible location.
It is situated on the first floor of an independent building in which the Quattrocento First is located.
Priceless view overlooking the main square, 6 front windows placed directly in front of the entrance gate.
You access to space through ...

Quattrocento FirstMQ: 55∇ via Tortona 31

Located in the part of Via Tortona with highest traffic, Tortona 5 is a tiny venue of 50 sqm, with wide storage in the basement; the visibility is granted by the big shopwindow on the street, a few steps away fromn the iconic Porta Genova bridge. The space is suitable as temporary store.

Tortona 5MQ: 50∇ Via Tortona 5

Recently renovated, this 50 m2 open plan space extends across three levels: a dramatic steel spiral stair leads to a 35 m2 loft and 22 m2 basement, both usable for private office or storage. Located in the Opificio 31 courtyard, still an active craft and manufacturing area, at Via Tortona. Ideal for showroom and to guess events ...

ArconMQ: 50∇ Via Tortona 31

A nice 50 m2 showroom overlooking the busy via Tortona 31, in a strategic position with double entrance both on the street and the Opificio 31 courtyard.
Huge visibility is guaranteed by the wide store frontage, opposite side of the street from ex-Ansaldo, the new Museo delle Culture and next door from Superstudio Più. By keeping the backdoor open ...

Punto 31MQ: 50∇ Via Tortona 31

A nice 50 sqm location, to be used as an indipendent space or combined with the adjacent Closed showroom.
Little Upn is located inside Opificio 31, on the first floor of an historical building overlooking both the internal courtyard and via Tortona. It is just across the street from the new Museo delle Culture, a few step away from the ...

Little UpMQ: 50∇ Via Tortona 31

50 m2 with white floors and walls, part of a recently converted workshop. Located at the entrance of the Opificio 31 courtyard, a still active craft and manufacturing area, the space can be connected to the adjacent LITTLE space through an interior door. Plenty of store frontage on Via Tortona in the section between the NHOW Hotel and Superstudio ...

GommistaMQ: 50∇ Via Tortona 31

45 m2 light-filled shop with a post-industrial feel in the Opificio 31 courtyard, in Via Tortona. 36 m2 exterior area available. it is the ideal location to guess installations and exhibitions.

Paid parking facilities very close.

Officina2MQ: 45∇ Via Tortona 31

Completely white 45 m2 space located inside the Opificio 31 courtyard, a still active craft and manufacturing area. There is a large entrance and storefront planned on the most interesting section of Via Tortona, facing the new Museo delle Culture in the ex Ansaldo building. Ideal to guess events and exhibitions as well as a showroom.

Paid parking facilities ...

LittleMQ: 45∇ Via Tortona 31

Brera, real city center. A few steps away from the lively Piazza del Carmine, a loft on the ground floor of an old popular building, overlooking two internal courtyards.
The space has a usable surface of 50 sq. m., with a 45 sq.m storage in the basement. Recently renovated, with wooden floor and floor-to-ceiling windows, it is the ideal ...

Ponte VeteroMQ: 50∇ via Ponte Vetero 22

Spazio Matteo BandelloMQ: 70∇ Via Matteo Bandello 14

Spazio MarsalaMQ: 77∇ Via Marsala 13