Locations and consultancy for your events
in the Tortona district, Milan

  • ALTROVE - Storie di luoghi e di design

  • Tortona Rocks #8 – How Do we take care of Tomorrow? Design Instructions

    Is the question that opens the eighth edition of Tortona Rocks which shows how taking care of tomorrow is a collective act. A question that, like an echo, resounds along the exhibition circuit that extends from Opificio 31 to via Tortona, via Savona and via Bergognone. From big brands to research projects, every year Tortona Rocks brings contemporary design trends against the backdrop of the post-industrial remains of the Tortona district.


Our locations in the Tortona district are the perfect venues for hosting design, fashion, food and cultural events.
We provide tailormade services: from choosing the right location for your exhibition, right the way through to promotional initiatives and communication events.
Thanks to the Megawatt exhibition complex, we can also manage big events, conventions, fashion shows and tradeshows. A versatile 9600-sqm, modular space with indoor and outdoor areas, located in Via Watt 15, at just a few minutes from the centre of Milan.


Each of our locations has a story to tell, a past that can still be read in the structural details. These are redeveloped industrial spaces, the repositories of different layers of Zona Tortona's identity, a key to how it has been used over the years. Each space contains traces of its beginnings and original use with clues found in the names they have been given. These are not just containers; these spaces have their own identities.
Contact us to find the right one for you!

Opificio 31
Opificio 31MQ: 2900∇ via Tortona 31
Opificio 31-Showroom31
Opificio 31-Showroom31MQ: 550∇ Via Tortona 31
Opificio 31-Ponti
Opificio 31-PontiMQ: 450∇ Via Tortona 31
Opificio 31-Quattrocento
Opificio 31-QuattrocentoMQ: 380∇ Via Tortona 31
Opificio 31-Officine Cova
Opificio 31-Officine CovaMQ: 320∇ Via Tortona 31
Opificio31-LoftMQ: 300∇ Via Tortona 31
Opificio 31-Interspazio
Opificio 31-InterspazioMQ: 230∇ Via Tortona 31
Opificio 31-Textile
Opificio 31-TextileMQ: 275∇ Via Tortona 31
Opificio 31-Officina 3
Opificio 31-Officina 3MQ: 200∇ Via Tortona 31
Opificio 31-Officina 31
Opificio 31-Officina 31MQ: 180∇ Via Tortona 31