Via Tortona is where our paths collided: there were those who brought their entrepreneurial vision, by inventing a new business and there were those who contributed to creating the Fuorisalone event. There were those who came to gather information for their degree thesis and those who wanted a change of scene and get involved in design and events. Then there were those who came to us by word-of-mouth and those who came to do an internship and stayed with us.

Today there’s seven of us and this combination of energies and experiences has created a solid, close-knit team. We all come from different backgrounds, from the communication, architectural, space management and event production sectors, and we’ve all seen the birth of the Tortona district and watched it come to life, grow and transform. We’ve seen how our work has contributed to the redevelopment of the area, turning it into an incubator for creative movements; a well-structured laboratory where every creative discipline finds fertile ground for cultural crossovers and experimentation.

But our work is not merely about managing spaces: we like to build relationships and networks of people and skills, to make every single event a resounding success.
Why not come and meet us in via Tortona 31?

We are a team,
we are a network,
we are the right answer
to your needs.