We don’t just hire out temporary spaces and locations, we’re event organisation consultants and facilitators, skilled communicators and producers. We work closely with our clients to help them choose the right venue for their needs, guiding them through every step of the planning process: from scouting, set-up, production and logistics, right the way through to defining objectives and planning communication strategies.

We’re exclusive managers and promoters of locations and exhibition complexes, which we do through redevelopment and commercial valorisation initiatives, aimed at repositioning spaces on the short-term market and providing the very best solutions for organising events and pop-up or permanent business activities.

We know how to convert and reinvent a space, especially industrial locations, finding new uses for disused properties.
Our strong connections across the territory give us access to an extensive network of information and contacts, making us the perfect link in the chain for launching B2B activities.

- Exclusive management of a network of short-term exhibition spaces
- Event organisation: planning of set-up concepts, production management and logistics
- Management of safety and authorisation permits
- Development of communication strategies for specific target markets, in collaboration with fashion, design, art, press and communication professionals.
- Redevelopment of disused spaces, both in real estate and commercial terms, which we manage in partnership with the property owner, providing professional consultancy services aimed at valorising the functionality and flexibility of the venues.


We are one of the key players on the events scene. Over the years we’ve contributed to the development and evolution of the Tortona district, an area of Milan that is at the forefront of transformation, hosting and interpreting the latest trends and constantly attracting new stakeholders.
The continual redevelopment of post-industrial spaces in the area is the fil rouge that makes the Tortona district one-of-a-kind in Milan. And our activities have also contributed to transforming the skyline of the area, also in terms of urban planning.
We’ve recovered and renovated many spaces, including factories, workshops and warehouses, converting them into venues which have been chosen by fashion and design labels that later went on to colonise the district. Working exclusively with the owner of the locations, we raise the value and appreciation of these spaces, on both a commercial and real estate level. Actions that also reverberate throughout the district in new waves of urban regeneration.
An exemplary case of this regeneration is Opificio 31. Used for manufacturing activities, both in the past and the present-day, it has now become an exhibition village with a strong identity that is a venue of choice for big companies and international creatives who want to showcase their projects.
Over time this has made Zona Tortona a creative laboratory where various disciplines merge together, becoming a real commercial and cultural driving force in Milan. A role that has recently been reconfirmed by a new wave of changes that have led to the launch of important and innovative cultural events, including the opening of Mudec, Museo delle Culture, BASE, the Ex-Ansaldo cultural redevelopment project and Fondazione Armani Silos.
Constantly operating on that unique crossroads where avantgarde, business, marketing, creativity and communication meet, we’re an engine of cultural renovation and activity in the area.



Identifying potential exhibition locations and interpreting unusual spaces as possible backdrops for events, temporary shops, and showrooms requires local knowledge, imagination, and skill. These qualities have enabled us to create a mosaic of spaces that extends past Porta Genova.
Located throughout Via Tortona, Via Savona, Via Forcella, and Via Bergognone our locations have been selected both because they lend themselves to the widest possible range of exhibition needs as well as for their distinct character. These converted post-industrial spaces retain vestiges of their past, both in name and structure.
A successful event can take place in a former workshop, a showroom can come to life in what was previously a storage space, an open space gallery can be made out of a warehouse, and still active workshops can close for select times of the year to host exhibitions.
Being part of the neighbourhood means we can guide our client to select the most suitable space. We act as a linchpin for events and initiatives, the perfect partner for a wide range of business and communication projects.

LocationTemporary ShopShowroomLoft


At just a short walk from via Tortona, beyond the Naviglio Grande canal, lies an area that is undergoing important renovation activities. A ‘cool’ district that preserves the look of the urban fringe, but is also trendy. Many creative activities have established their headquarters here and new players are also bringing their own contributions and innovative visions to the development of the area.
Via Watt, the main backbone of the district, is home to Megawatt Court, a 9.600-sqm, modular, ex-industrial complex with indoor and outdoor areas, which we exclusively manage as an exhibition space, is the perfect venue for hosting big events, fashion shows, conventions and tradeshows.
A true landmark that bears witness to the district’s past and the potential of the present-day which is constantly renewing the offer in the area.
Logistically speaking, the district is serviced by fast connections to the city centre and all the major airports and train stations, making it the ideal candidate for urban development projects, events and temporary exhibitions.
The synergic partnership between the principal players in the area, brought together by the local ‘Around Richard’ association, makes an important contribution to the cohesive and organic growth and redevelopment of the district – “the Hackney of Milan” – which gives you a real-time view of its evolution.

Riqualificazione periferieAround RichardMegawatt Court


The Fuorisalone design show – the most important international event in the city – was born in the Tortona district thanks to a wave of bold experimentation, scouting for new trends and big-name brands.
With its international spirit and reach, the Fuorisalone is a major design showcase and the Tortona district is still a reference point for this kermesse with a global outlook.
Covering over 10.000-sqm of exhibition space in the heart of the Tortona district, our circuit hosts more than 40 overseas companies every year. Sweeping from design furniture, interactive installations, art performances and emerging designers, right the way through to some of the most famous international brands on the industrial design scene, the Design Week event attracts a good 150.000 visitors.
But, for us, the Fuorisalone isn’t just an event that happens once a year. Design Week is a global showcase that is the result of all-year-round tireless activity. We have an active voice in the Interzona focus groups which, under the guidance of the Milan Metropolitan Council, has been coordinating the event in the city for the past two years. We also support the Milano Design Award, which annually selects the best concepts and shows in the Design Week event. Furthermore, we are the principal promoters of Tortona Design Week, the integrated communication project that involves the entire district.
Since 2016, we’ve been collaborating with Archiproducts Milano, who have chosen Opificio 31 as their Milanese headquarters, where they scout for new, international businesses and realise special projects.
And every year our events programme is featured in the principal sector magazines, giving enormous visibility to the selected projects.

FuorisaloneExhibition circuitCommunicationExhibitions


Large spaces, a strategic location, versatile space layouts and a wide range of optional extras are some of the key features that make this venue the best solution for hosting big events. From fashion shows to corporate conventions, gala dinners, tradeshows and summits, Megawatt Court is a modular 9600-sqm exhibition complex with internal and outdoor areas that can host the most varied and challenging of projects. This fully equipped ex-industrial site (located in in Via Watt at just a few minutes from the city centre), complete with green areas, private parking and fascinating architectural features, has everything you need for putting on high-impact events. Inaugurated in 2016, the space has already hosted the likes of Diesel, Enel, Magnolia, Green Job in collaboration with Fondazione Cariplo and Axa, as well as BtoB events, including Gin DAy, Rum Day and Aperitivi&Co, proving just how versatile the venue is for hosting different types of events.
Next door to Mudec, in the newer area of the Tortona district, is Padiglione Visconti with its 1200-sqm exhibition area. Usually used for Scala Theatre rehearsals, the location can only be hired for events, fashion shows and exhibition projects at certain times of the year (e.g. fashion week and design week). Equipped with a wide variety of optional extras, the venue also provides a whole host of stage and lighting equipment. Over the years, the space has been chosen by the likes of Marni, Corian and Cabana Club, Tokyo Design Week and Via Design France.


Zona Tortona is ‘the’ design district par excellence and the place where the Fuorisalone design show was born.
Today, this is the place where design gets maximum visibility every April, when over 200 designers and international brands present their latest creations to the international public.
This exclusive setting is the cradle of the latest trends; a showcase for some of the most exciting, cutting-edge projects, providing brands and designer labels with the perfect breeding ground for creative initiatives that are driven by innovation and forging new commercial avenues and ways of communicating ideas and values. Many prestigious names have exhibited here over the years, including Naoto Fukasawa, Studio Formafantasma, Maarten Baas, Studio Job, Marcel Wanders, Philippe Nigro, Neri&Hu, and many other international designers. Through our collaboration with Archiproducts Milano, who have chosen Opificio 31 as their Milanese headquarters, our business scouting activities and the realisation of creative projects have intensified and grown over time.
With our experience and knowledge of the territory, we can guide our clients in choosing the most suitable exhibition solutions, providing original and effective ideas for organising and creating their events.


Drawn by the special atmosphere and opportunities, the Fashion world has set up shop in the Tortona area.
Runway shows, photography shoots, temporary and permanent showrooms, prestigious fashion houses, and small up-and-coming brands: this is how Fashion develops and reinvents itself every six months under the banner of lively experimentation. The Tortona district provides a diverse, lively backdrop during Fashion weeks, brimming with ideas and interest for industry experts and professional operators. Many prestigious names have helped build the area's prestige: Armani, Fendi, Zegna, Agnona, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Diesel, Hogan/Fay/Tod’s, Givenchy, Stone Island, Zanellato, Céline, Tatras, Acne Studios, Isabel Marant, WHITE, just to mention a few. We help our clients choose the perfect showroom or temporary shop in highly visible locations.


Here, photography, architecture, and other forms of art and culture have followed in quick succession over the years. The post industrial feel of the district, the contributions of major architects including Tadao Ando, Antonio Citterio, David Chipperfield, Mario Cucinella and Matteo Thun, as well as the art and fashion foundations and the recently opened Museo delle Culture: all these have contributed to making the area a real melting pot of living and multi-faceted culture, a landscape of opportunity for communicating the contemporary aesthetic. Countless temporary galleries have been set up here. Many events and exhibitions have found our spaces to be the perfect venue. The exhibition circuit we manage offers ample opportunity for big events, including cultural festivals and innovative gatherings related to contemporary art modelled after similar events in Basel, New York, and London.


We collaborate with fashion, design, art, media, and communication professionals to develop targeted communication strategies. Press office activities, integrated communications, PR, operational marketing, planning and putting on events: we support our client through each step of the process to increase their brand identity and target awareness.